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Spring 2021 Grant Awardees

grants for teachers, supporting Westerville City Schools, innovative programs

After School Homework Club

Fouse Elementary

Tracy Price

Provide bus transportation for students to After School Homework Club


Global Games

Heritage Middle School

Jennifer Cole & Debbie Pellington

Purchase of Global Games unit to provide year-long, cross-curricular learning opportunities through game play


African-American Read-In

Blendon Middle School 

Lee Rutherford & LaTresa Rieves

Making literacy a significant part of Black History Month by building community, bringing awareness and understanding, and building conversation around diverse texts, especially African-American texts. 


Huber Garden Project

Huber Ridge Elementary

Kaylee Reese, Ashley Dias & George Victory

Materials to grow and maintain a school garden to help teach practical skills, and to encourage team building and inclusion, particularly for Emotional Disturbance (ED) students.


Rocky Book Walk

McVay Elementary

Olivia Bechtel

All-weather, outdoor book walk along the trail adjacent to McVay ES, to enable adaptable, continuous student learning.


Longfellow School Garden

Longfellow Elementary

Kristin Potter

Plant and maintain a school garden to help teach English language proficiency and science, particularly for English Learners


Family Engagement

Westerville South

Brandi Young

Post-COVID re-engagement for students and their families through learning various musical insturments and playing various family games


Hang Time Social Skills Club

Westerville North High School

Sarah Painter & Cassondra Wilson

Purchase of event tickets, and access to BrainPOP, to help teach social skills to students who have disabilities, and to help them earn their Student Engagement graduation seal.


Culinary Club

Westerville Central High School

Jody Christy & Richard Heeron

Teaching students how to prepare a home-cooked meal that is simple and inexpensive


Black Voices Production

Westerville South High School

Matt Wolfe

Promoting the arts and showcasing productions that represent black/brown plays written by black women, and featuring a diverse cast.


Warrior Way Mentoring Program

Westerville North High School

Kristina Cameron

Connecting Westerville North students with elementary & middle school students across the district to prepare them for HS and to teach "The Warrior Way."


Summer Reading Program

Mark Twain Elementary

Susan Kaul

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