Blendon Middle School

223 S. Otterbein Ave.
Westerville, OH 43081-2398
Principal: Kendall Harris 
Class Teacher Adopters  
Art Blankenship, Bradley None
Assistant Principal Tombaugh, Fred None
Band Levine, Amy
  • Amy Levine - Blendon Middle SchoolBand
Choir Fahning, Laura None
English Language Arts Ball, Kristen None
English Language Arts Smith, Erin None
English Language Arts Walker, Keona None
English Language Arts/Technical Writing Seders, Kelsie None
English/Language Arts Cloud, Cassandra None
English/Language Arts Gieger, Cassandra None
English/Language Arts Helfond, Katharine None
English/Language Arts Walker, Keona None
English/Language Arts Warner, Julie None
ESL Facilitator Stratmann, Sandra None
Guidance Counselor Childs, Marcia None
Guidance Counselor Lee, Joyce None
Math Boening, Shaun None
Math Ongaro, Meghann None
Math Shimovetz, Cynthia None
Math Wiand, Elizabeth None
Math Winship, Emily None
Math/Science Dunmoyer, Tina None
Math/Science Hesseltine, Jennifer None
Media Specialist Yingling, Karen None
Nurse Rudik, Teresa None
Occupational Therapist Meyers, Kathy None
Orchestra Vermeulen, John None
Physical Education Bartlett, Patti None
Physical Education McClain, Carol None
Principal Harris, Kendall None
Psychologist Chioran, Susan None
Science Brobst, Nancy None
Science Cook, Victoria None
Science Crego, Angie None
Science Murdock, Jeffrey None
Science O'Ryan, Kylie
  • Cynthia Whitt
  • John C McKenzie
  • Lia and David Frost
  • Liam A
  • The McCoy's
  • Anonymous
Science Schubert, Patrick None
Science/Engineering & Design Lakes, Valerie None
Social Studies Allen, Brandon None
Social Studies Cullen, Jacob None
Social Studies Eckstein, Jennifer None
Social Studies Feenstra, Kyleigh None
Social Studies Henry, Tristen None
Social Studies McMillan, Jeffrey None
Social Studies Patko, Lisa None
Spanish Samborsky, Lisa None
Spanish Wheeler, Nicole None
Special Education Benton, Kathy None
Special Education Fett, Yolanda None
Special Education Kuemin, Carol None
Special Education Liston, Nell None
Special Education Milan, Melissa None
Special Education Moore, Kelly None
Special Education Swindaman, Stephanie None
Special Education Tran, Jenny None
Special Education Tyson, Chaundra None
Speech McPeak, Angie None
Technical Writing Bell, Chad None
Vocal Music Ice, Joshua None