Genoa Middle School

5948 Old 3C Highway
Westerville, OH 43082-9251
Principal: Scott Gaddis
Class Teacher Donors  
Art Hinkle, Erica None
Band Hildreth, Douglas None
Band Laswell, John None
Choir Shaffer, Sarah None
Engineering and Design Smith, Lee None
English Language Arts Shah, Pooja None
English Language Arts Stumpf, Bryan None
English/Language Arts Balk, Mary Jo None
English/Language Arts Christoff, Emily None
English/Language Arts Frownfelter, Ashley None
English/Language Arts Jados, Tracy None
English/Language Arts Miller, Amanda None
English/Language Arts Minney, Emily None
English/Language Arts Reiter, Kara None
English/Language Arts Spears, Brandy None
ESL Teacher Erath, Amy
Guidance Stock, Melia None
Guidance Counselor Kosinski, Kathy None
Guidance Counselor Ponzi, Jill None
Guidance Counselor Wheeler, Nicole None
Instrumental Music Shaffer-May, Kristy None
Intervention Specialist Cavanagh, Kathleen None
Intervention Specialist Goodpaster, Carol None
Intervention Specialist Jumper, Anne None
Intervention Specialist Twyman, Anne None
Intervention Specialist M/H Edwards, RaNae None
Math Alamo, Victoria None
Math Barnhart, Brittany None
Math Charleston, Pamela None
Math Denney, Michael None
Math Gaines, Leah None
Math Sadler, Leah None
Math Stimer, Elizabeth None
Math Yeater, Jamie None
Media Specialist McDaniel, Deanna None
Nurse Loehnis, Amy None
Occupational Therapist Meyers, Kathy None
Orchestra Herak, Diana None
Physical Education Dollenmayer, Kevin None
Physical Education Holman, Tawnya None
Physical Education Myers, Julie None
Physical Therapist Craigmile, Connie None
Principal Gaddis, Scott None
Science Bardwell, Tina None
Science Delligatti, Eric None
Science Gilbert, Carla None
Science Golden, Whitney None
Science Johnson, Elise None
Science Kallay, Jacqueline None
Science Koch, Danielle None
Science McSwords, Julie None
Science Meginnis, Jessica None
Science Swartzel, Julia None
Science 7 Engineering & Design Fetrow, Matthew None
Social Studies Begeny, Caitlin None
Social Studies Borland, Ryan None
Social Studies Farrell, Drew None
Social Studies Howland, Lori None
Social Studies Lunn, Lisa None
Social Studies McCreary, Shannan None
Social Studies Thompson, Leslie None
Social Studies Yingling, Matthew None
Spanish Murray, Kimberly None
Spanish Samborsky, Lisa None
Special Education Bacso, Katherine None
Special Education Bess, Alex None
Special Education Brummett, Jennifer None
Special Education Burton, Jane None
Special Education Finnegan, Catherine None
Special Education Hochstetler, Linda None
Special Education Hoogeveen, Eric None
Special Education Huling, Maggie None
Special Education Rigsby, Debra None
Special Education Russell, Jodi None
Support Staff Kyre, Jamie None
Visual Art McCutcheon, Charles None
World Cultures of Music McPeak, Sarah None