Fund-a-Project Module


The Westerville Education Foundation Fund-a-Project program allows teachers and other school employees to submit proposals for innovative educational and operational projects. Here, you can view these projects and provide requested support with just a few simple clicks and keystrokes.



If you decide to support one or more of the proposals below, please note that the donation amount in the online payment form defaults to the remaining amount of the project to be funded. Please be certain to change this amount prior to confirming the transaction to ensure that it reflects the actual donation you wish to make.
Also please note that designating a donation as “Anonymous” means only that the donor’s name will not be displayed on the WEF website for any reason. Certain members of the Westerville Education Foundation Board, as well as the staff member receiving the donation, will receive an e-mail notifying them when a contribution has been made. This e-mail includes the donor’s name and contact information.

Project Proposals

Date Title Teacher/School Subject Funding
04/16/2018 Flexible Seating Held, Myranda
Annehurst Elementary
Other $50.00 / $171.12
01/07/2018 Fifth Grade Buckeye Program Murphy, Patricia
Fouse Elementary
English/Language Arts $1,046.92 / $1,046.92
01/07/2018 Fifth Grade Buckeye Program Denney, Betsy
Fouse Elementary
Math $1,154.00 / $1,046.92
01/02/2018 Double Donation December - 2017 Year-End Matching for Innovative Classroom Project Grants Initiative, Foundation
Westerville Education Foundation
Other $10,530.00 / $11,000.00
11/27/2017 Music Class iPad Replacement Hall, Jennifer
Robert Frost Elementary
Music $0.00 / $799.00
11/25/2017 Take Me to the Theatre! Spears, Brandy
Genoa Middle School
English/Language Arts $8,475.00 / $8,800.00
11/20/2017 Black History Month Programming Trimble, Jean
Walnut Springs Middle School
Social Studies $50.00 / $6,200.00
11/01/2017 Lexia Incentive Program Ocheltree, Kelly
Pointview Elementary
English/Language Arts $0.00 / $1,000.00

Donations are subject to a minimal fee assessed by the banks for online credit card transactions. Approximately 4 cents of every dollar will be used by the banks to cover these transaction fees. Please note that there will be NO surcharge to your credit card. If sufficient funds are not raised to support the project, or if the project receives additional support through other sources, any donations received may be treated as Adopt-a-Classroom funds and used for the common good of the classroom.
Donations to WEF are tax-deductible; please consult your tax advisor.