Preschool Program at the Early Learning Center

936 Eastwind Drive
Westerville, OH 43081
Director: Suzanne Kile
Class Teacher Adopters  
Coordinator - Special Education Smith, Lisa None
Curriculum Specialist Smucker, Susan None
Early Education Williamson, Melissa None
ESL Rieves, Tre None
ESL Facilitator Ballinger, Luz None
ESL Facilitator Blum, Kelly None
Gifted Coordinator Nestor-Baker, Caley None
Nurse McKinley, Jill None
Occupational Therapist Gambone, Betsy None
Occupational Therapist Mullineax, Jennifer None
Occupational Therapist Patterson, Jacquie None
Occupational Therapist Webber, Anna None
Physical Education Hoover, David None
Physical Therapist Caldwell, Joann None
Physical Therapist Hershiser, Kelly None
Preschool Houston, Krista
  • Faubel Family
Preschool Marlatt, Jessica None
Preschool Miller, Celeste
  • Patricia Larsen
Preschool Reed, Taylor None
Preschool Rochon, Ann None
Preschool Shepherd, Heather None
Preschool Thornton, Laura
  • The Hadaway Family
Preschool Verberkmoes, Moriah None
Preschool Weir, Ashley
  • Max Moidu
  • Max Moidu
Preschool Workman, Katie None
Preschool Assessment Anderson, Becki None
Psychologist Dunbar, Debbie None
Psychologist Hirsch, Lindsey None
Psychologist Nortman, Michael None
Psychologist Placencia, Nikki None
Psychologist Rebman, Anne None
Psychologist Stoll-Juredine, Natasha None
Special Education Aichler, Miriam None
Special Education Bartel, Julie None
Special Education Beckner-Evans, Kara None
Special Education Bennett, Lauren None
Special Education Lawson, Cassandra None
Special Education Lee, Karen None
Special Education Tobin, Kristin None
Special Needs Beard, Alexandria None
Special Needs Wilson, Cassondra None
Speech Cotterman, Kelly None
Speech Frame, Sarah None
Speech Shepherd, Laurie None
Speech Language Pathology Stuhlfauth, Katherine None
TOSA Lacy, Rachel
  • Education First Credit Union
TOSA Behavior Specialist Anderson, Bethany None
TOSA Behavior Specialist Hospodar, Sharona None
TOSA Reading Intervention Specialist Drummond, Kirsten None