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The Westerville Education Foundation is an independent, volunteer, non-profit organization, founded in 1993 for the purpose of enhancing the education of Westerville students. Our primary goal is to promote educational initiatives undertaken by employees in the district. The WEF Grants are the longest-established component of our GAP (Grants, Adoption, Programs) funding initiatives.  Tax-deductible contributions received by the Foundation fund grants to district educators to enable them to implement significant and transformational educational initiatives. Grants are also available to other district employees to support innovative activities or programming.

The Westerville Education Foundation began awarding grants in the spring of 1997, granting three proposals of $500 each. From this humble beginning, the foundation has provided for many enhanced educational opportunities for Westerville City School students.  Through the Spring of 2017, WEF has funded approximately 220 grants and one districtwide initiative totaling almost $200,000.
What Your Donations Support....
Take a look at this LIST of grants that your donation dollars have funded in just the past year!

2017-18 Grants Calendar

In addition to online funding opportunities through the Fund-A-Project and Adopt-A-Classroom website modules, the WEF Board is pleased to offer district staff the opportunity to participate in its annual grant cycle.  The annual competition will open this fall for funds that will be available for use during the 2017-18 academic year. 
Grant proposals with Principal/Supervisor's Endorsement
due date to District Headquarters:                                                         December 1, 2017
Grants will be reviewed by the following groups: 
  • the District Executive Leadership Team
  • the WEF Grants Commitee
  • the full WEF Board
Decision by WEF Board:                                                                             December 15, 2017
Grant recipients notified by WEF:                                                           Week of December 18, 2017

Applying For a Grant?

The 2017-18 Grant Application Form can be downloaded by clicking here.  This is a fillable Word document.
Would you like to know what the WEF Board looks for in a quality grant application? This sample grant was developed using our 2013 Application Form, but it will give you a great idea of what we look for and it includes comments from our Grants Committee that can assist you in submitting a quality grant for our review on the NEW form: Grant Example with Comments
To contact a member of our grants committee directly, please click on their name below:

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply for a grant?
When can I apply?
How much money may I request?
What needs to be included in my application?
What are the funding criteria?
What are the additional requirements?
If you have general questions or comments regarding our grant process, please fill out the form below to contact a representative from our Grants Committee:

Westerville School Liaisons

At least one educator in each of the Westerville Schools has agreed to serve as a liason or mentor for any of their colleagues interested in applying for a grant or using WEF's Fund-A-Project and Adopt-a-Classroom tools.  Each is a former grant winner and is knowledgeable about WEF funding initiatives.  If you would prefer to discuss your questions first with a colleague, this is the place to start.  Listed below are the schools and their educators available to help you seek answers to your questions.
WEF School Liaisons
Alcott  Daphne Irby   
Annehurst  Kim Niles   
Cherrington  Melissa Hall  
Emerson  Lori Searfoss  
Fouse  Patsy Labyk  
Hanby  Lori Searfoss  
Hawthorne  Christine Doolittle   
Huber Ridge  Jennifer Fry   
Mark Twain  Chris Henricksen Alison Miller
McVay Katie Wirthlin Rachel Schultz
Pointview  Eric Cacioppo Kim Niles
Robert Frost  Eric Indiciani  
Whittier  Amy Godwin  
Wilder  Amanda McQuown  
Blendon Middle  Mary Liston  
Genoa  Leah Gaines  
Heritage  Amy Erath Kristine Konik
Walnut Springs  Jean Trimble  
Westerville Central  Susannah Lee  
Westerville North  Jeff Bracken  
Westerville South  Debbie King  

General Grant Questions or Comments