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February Teachers of the Month Awarded

Congratulations to our February Teachers of the Month: Kelley Moff, Reshon Gordon and Laura Tomlin! Thank you to everyone who nominated teachers this month. Take a look at some of the wonderful things their nominators shared about these outstanding educators in Westerville City Schools and be sure to nominate the amazing teachers in your school!

We're collecting nominations specially for Fouse and Alcott Elementaries and Genoa Middle School through March 15.

Special thank you to Education First Credit Union, who sponsors our special Teacher of the Month program each month. Winners get $100 to use in their classroom fund, they are featured on our website with past winners, and they get the fame and glory this month.

Congratulations to these teachers and thank you to ALL our Westerville City School teachers for all that you do to support our students!

Kelly Moff - Annehurst Elementary -

“Mrs. Moff has made a significant impact on my life. I have watched how she is such an amazing teacher and friend to everyone. When I had homeschooling instruction during my cancer treatment, Mrs. Moff was a wonderful teacher because she took the time after school to come to my house and teach me. She also took extra precautions to make sure I stayed healthy by using hand-sanitizer daily and wiping down assignments. I would also like to point out that she helped me stay in touch with my classmates and teachers by sending me videos, and she went above and beyond by coming to my hospital room occasionally. I always look forward to my time with Mrs. Moff because she makes me feel special. That is why Mrs. Moff is an amazing teacher who exceeds the expectations with Everything!” - Student

Reshon Gordon - Walnut Springs Middle School

“Mr. Gordon is really funny. He helps me with stuff that others might not and he always makes sure I am on track with my grade so that I can play sports. He is also like a father I never really had growing up. I can tell him a lot of things that I won't tell others and he just is a person everyone would want to have around. He helps me when he sees I am upset about something. He helps me with my grades and a lot more. He is someone I can talk to about

anything and he is like a dad I never had to me.” - Student

Laura Tomlin - Longfellow Elementary

“Laura is such a sweet and wonderful teacher. She is super kind, understanding and patient with everything this year and trying to help teach my daughter. Laura has been so helpful and understanding this entire time. She has gone above and beyond whenever I have an issue with the technology, understanding I work a crazy schedule and I'm not always home with my daughter during the school day and understanding that my mother isn't a tech savvy person to help my daughter with her work.” - Parent of Student

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