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Teacher of the Month Recipients
2023-2024 School Year

Check back for September 2023 winners!

Past Winners

September 2022

Academic Enrichment Center-Tom Cook, WNHS-Sara Call, WSHS-Anthony Tyler Rutledge (goes by Tyler)

October 2022

Blendon Middle School-Sarah McPeak (2 nominations), Deb Henney (Mark Twain Elementary)

November 2022

None (only received one from each of only 2 schools, moved to later in year)

December 2022

Cherrington Elementary-Melissa Hall (photo came from staff member), ELC-Rebecca Armstrong (4 nominations, photo came from parent of 4th nomination), McVay Elementary-Lisa Dapoz (2 nominations), Pointview Elementary-Michael Grant (2 nominations, photo came from parent for second nomination)

January 2023

Heritage Middle School-Kimberly Marcum, Robert Frost Elementary-Colin Ullom-Morse (photo came from parent for nomination), Walnut Springs Middle School-Linsdey Lonchnya

February 2023

Annehurst Elementary School-Tricia Hall (with choir photo of Gov. Mike Dewine and wife), Minerva France Elementary School-Sarah Edelson (with award photo, but use the one from Charlie)

March 2023

 Hawthorne Elementary School-Maureen Hogarth (no pic for presentation as she was on maternity leave), Huber Ridge Elementary-No Nominations, Wilder Elementary School-Rachel Shoemaker

April 2023

Alcott Elementary-Jim Ledford (2 nominations, photo came from parent for second nomination), Fouse Elementary-Elizabeth Byers-Spurlock, Genoa Middle School-Sarah Shaffer

May 2023

 Emerson Elementary-Lowry Wisner,  WCHS-Julianne Schaffer, Whittier Elementary-Angela Zimmerman

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