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Passing the Torch - Westerville Student Education Foundation

One of the most rewarding things I have had the opportunity to do over the past two years is work with some incredible students to found the Westerville Student Education Foundation (WSEF). In February of 2019 the WSEF formed as a student-led organization that gives students in the Westerville City School District the opportunity and resources they need to take their ideas and turn them into positive action and change for our community.

This summer, the founding group passed the torch to newly selected Board Members and elected leadership.

We welcome the new WSEF Board Members: Muheeb Hijazeen (President), Diana Atieh (Vice President), Audrey Jones (Co-Secretary), Alia O’Brien (Co-Secretary), Mattie Cotter, Jake Gooding, Colleen Lynch and Kiah Smith.

And thank our founding members for their leadership and service: Cassie Cotter (Former President), Samuel Haga (Former Vice President), Anna Borders (Former Co-Secretary), Gabriela Alvarez, David Bistriceanu, Jaiden Stokes, Anthony Vilardo, Audrey Jones and Payton McCarthy. We can’t wait to see how you change the world!

To learn more about the WSEF please visit their brand new website:

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