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We need you help us identify the outstanding teachers at YOUR school!

Nominations are open!

         The Westerville Education Foundation is pleased to provide our community with an opportunity to recognize outstanding teachers in the Westerville City School District through our Teacher of the Month program.

We choose three recipients each academic month and surprise them with a pack of bundt cakes, a certificate celebrating them as our Teacher of the Month, and $100 for their classroom account. We are thrilled to be able to celebrate our teachers each month! We also celebrate our winners on social media and in a press release. 

Interested in supporting the Teacher of the Month program?


We group our winning schools each month but accept nominations for all schools all year. Nominations are retained and considered until that school's month of recognition. 

We know many teachers out there make a big difference in students' lives.

We love that this program gives us a chance to celebrate them. 

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