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Westerville Education Foundation Awards Record-Setting Grant Total During Golden Anniversary Year

Thursday, November 29, 2018

The Westerville Education Foundation (WEF) today announced the funding of 19 grants for innovative programs to enhance education in Westerville City Schools. These grants invest more than $35,000 in projects with a cumulative reach of 7,590 students throughout the district. This grant cycle is the largest and most impactful in the WEF’s 25-year history.   The WEF also announced the start of its Second Annual Double Donation December Campaign.  During the month of December all contributions up to $10,000 made to the WEF will be matched by local businesses and individuals.  Matching Sponsors for this year’s campaign include:  Education First Credit Union, Mount Carmel St. Ann's, UPS Stores of Westerville, The Garland Company, Westerville Amateur Soccer Association, TRIAD Architects and Triad Facility Solutions, Alliance Data, Erick and Nicole Carter and Robert E. Woodruff. Contributions to this campaign can be made online at or mailed to Westerville Education Foundation, P.O. Box 1315, Westerville, OH  43086. Donations help support grants for projects in Westerville City Schools. WEF’s 2018 Fall Grant Recipients are:

  • Ashley Rable and Judith Gawelek – Huber Ridge Elementary – Maker Space Recess Opportunities – $719.21 – To provide additional opportunities for students who do not prefer to go outside for their recess time.

  • Doug Hildreth – Westerville Central High School – AP Music Theory Piano Lab – $2,300 – To provide hands-on opportunities for students to practice music theory principles and basic piano skills.

  • Kyle King, Natalie Barrett, Cynthia DeVese, & Jill Williams – Westerville Central High School – Brown Bag Diversity Dialogues – $1,460 – To host guest speakers who come from diverse backgrounds to speak with students during lunch periods and interact in a small setting.

  • Amy Farris – Westerville Central High School – What’s My Intent? Social Emotional Learning in the School Media Center Makerspace* – $920 – To make use of the library’s makerspace to promote mindfulness by creating hand-stamped “My Intent” bracelets for students to focus on what truly guides them.

  • Natalie Hildebrandt – Robert Frost Elementary – “Zen Zone” Calming Room* – $500 – To facilitate Social Emotional Learning by creating a designated space where students can experience a calm environment with various sensory options, allowing them to regulate themselves and return to class ready to learn.

  • Heather Smalley – McVay Elementary – McVay Walking Club* – $979.03 – To establish “Walking Wednesdays” as a way for students to remain physically active, as well as provide a structured way for students to take fresh air breaks and make wise decisions during recess.

  • Kristina Cameron – Westerville North High School – 9/11 Survivor Speaker – $2,000 – To bring Michael Benfante to WNHS during the Warrior Way Leadership Summit to speak with the student body about his experiences as a 9/11 survivor, as well as the topics of leadership, anti-bullying, and other messages aligned with the goals of the Warrior Way.

  • Jean Trimble – Walnut Springs Middle School – Black History Month Visiting Illustrator – $3,000 – To bring Bryan Collier to Walnut Springs Middle School to discuss his award-winning books about African American history and the struggle and triumph from slavery to emancipation and the Civil Rights Movement.

  • Shannon Goebeler – Emerson Elementary – Aesop’s Fables – $483 – To allow third-grade students to read various Aesop’s Fables and then in March see the Tennessee Theatre Touring Company’s production of Aesop’s Fables at the Wexner Center for the Arts.

  • Jennifer Hall, Sarah Berka, Eric Indiciani, and Eric Cacioppo – Robert Frost Elementary – West African Traditional Drumming/Dance – $4,510 – To allow fifth-grade students to learn about traditional West African dance, drumming and art from resident artists, followed by a culminating performance for the entire school community at an annual variety show.

  • Christina Lippencott, Nikki Lorenz, Erin Moehl, Holly Park, and Jennifer Snider – Westerville Central High School – Multicultural Resource Library to Promote Proficiency in Spanish – $800 – To purchase a culturally relevant and engaging video library that increases students’ language and cultural proficiency while creating a connection between students’ lives and the identified culture.

  • Angie Heath – All Elementary Schools – Family Enrichment Game Night* – $400 – To allow the Westerville City School District’s Gifted Education Department to sponsor evening events and family game nights that promote academic and social/emotional support outside the classroom.

  • Jennifer Mullineaux and Heather Kabler – Whittier Elementary – Nature Hop Sensory Path* – $237 – To create a sensory movement area that provides all students a place to independently engage in purposeful breaks throughout the day, which allows them to regulate their brains and bodies for improved focus, behavior and social engagement.

  • Megan Winand and Rhonda Letterio – Hawthorne Elementary – Hawthorne Hackers Coding Club* – $916 – To expand the after-school coding club for third, fourth and fifth-grade students with a greater variety of coding experiences and more advanced challenges.

  • Natalie Barrett, Aaron Starkey, and Katherine Cress – Westerville Central High School – Many Voices Traveling Library – $1,500 – To establish a library that travels between classrooms and allows students to choose from a diverse selection of books that not only reflect their identity, culture and experience, but also offer views outside of their own life and identity.

  • Sarah Detrick – Westerville South High School – Wildcat P.R.I.D.E. & PAWSitivity Programs – $5,988 – To increase student awareness of and buy-in to programs that increase students’ sense of belonging, as well as recognize those who model appropriate behaviors aligned to the core values of Perseverance, Respect, Integrity, Dependability, and Encouragement.

  • Erin Morckel – Westerville North High School – Investigating the Genetics and Environmental Factors of Hatching Chicks in a Science Classroom* – $675 – To allow Advanced Placement Biology students to monitor the daily rate of growth, mass and food intake of chicks hatched in several controlled incubators located in the classroom, resulting in long-term reports of their findings.

  • Angela Karow – Westerville North High School – Warrior Wear -- $585 – To allow SLC students to learn life skills by creating school spirit items through the purchase of a T-shirt heat press and supplies that will be used in conjunction with machines in The SHOP in order to build a sustainable student service venture.

  • Kendall Wright – Westerville North High School – Warrior 2 Warrior Student Mentoring Program – up to $7,500 based upon final program structure – To implement a student-led mentoring program that allows upperclassmen with at least a 3.5 GPA to mentor other students with any academic need.

Projects designated with an asterisk are funded through the generous support of Mount Carmel St. Ann’s, align with the goals of their Project HEALTH, and address one of the contributing factors: Healthcare, Education, Active Lifestyle, Leadership, Technology, Home and Food Visit, follow social media ( and, or contact Executive Director Colleen Moidu at to learn more about the organization. The WEF will hold a second grand cycle this school year in the spring of 2019. Grant funding comes entirely from community contributions.

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