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Congratulations to our October Teacher of the Month Winners!

  • Westerville Central High School - Diana Arko

  • Westerville North High School - Marcus Lingrell

  • Westerville South High School - Emily Swank-Kavanaugh

  • Academic Enrichment Center - Steve Rovtar

Diana Arko, a science teacher at Westerville Central High School; Marcus Lingrell, a teacher at Westerville North High School; Emily Swank-Kavanaugh, an English teacher at Westerville South High School; and Steve Rovtar, a science teacher at the Academic Enrichment Center have been named Westerville Education Foundation’s November Teachers of the Month.

WEF Executive Director Colleen Moidu, Superintendent Dr. John Kellogg, Executive Director of Human Resources Scott Reeves, WEF Board Member Dr. Larry DeVese as well as administrators and teachers surprised recipients with the news this week.

Nomination letters for each recipient featured glowing praise:

Arko: “... She cares about her students and their success in the classroom more than any teacher I have ever had. She is passionate about biology, her students and their futures. Countless times I have seen her spend time with students outside of their normal classroom hours to review a test or answer questions.”

Lingrell: “He just comes into class with so much energy. He is always looking out for students. He makes sure we are checking on each other. He checks on individual students. If a student is having a tough time, he tries to see what he can do to help them.”

Swank: “She is an inspiration to the kids. She lets kids know that they have a place in this world no matter what their background is. She is one of those people that go to the students’ level to help them rise above their challenges and fears. She is a true advocate for students and student rights and she addresses some of the more difficult subjects that some teachers veer away from, specifically because she cares and she wants to make a difference by allowing the child to be an individual and helping push them to want to make a difference themselves.”

Rovtar: “Mr. Rovtar preemptively establishes a nurturing feel at the start of each day. Mr. Rovtar sets the tone each day by smiling and welcoming each student as she or he walks in. It is not an accident that he chose to greet these students but rather an intentional design. The atmosphere is contagious. Along with establishing an atmosphere of empowerment and trust, Mr. Rovtar holds his students accountable.”

WEF recognizes teachers who have made an impact on their students, peers and school community. Sponsored by the Education First Credit Union, the Teacher of the Month program provides winners with $100 for their classroom funds.

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