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Congratulations to our September Teachers of the Month!

Congratulations to our September Teachers of the Month: Susannah Lee, Catherine Stathulis and Lauren Sefton!

Thank you to everyone who nominated teachers in August. We had an impressive pool of nominations and it was so satisfying to read from students, parents, and teachers about the difference teachers are making in students’ lives this year.

Take a look at some of the wonderful things their nominators shared about these outstanding educators in Westerville City Schools and be sure to nominate the amazing teachers in your school!

Special thank you to Education First Credit Union, who sponsors our special Teacher of the Month program each month. Winners get $100 to use in their classroom fund, they are featured on our website with past winners, and they get bundt cakes from Nothing Bundt Cakes (plus, of course, glory...).

Congratulations to these teachers and thank you to ALL our Westerville City School teachers for all that you do to support our students!

Central High School - Susannah Lee

“Susannah is the most committed and professional teacher I have worked with during my nearly 20-year career. A fierce proponent of culturally-responsive teaching, an unparalleled work ethic, vast content area knowledge - and that rare once-in-a-lifetime ability to connect with students and make a difference. Her practices reflect the highest degree of ethics, and through her work, she challenges others to rise to their fullest capacity, whether to her colleagues or with her students. She is unafraid to take a stance when she is advocating for students, for best practices, and for sound ethics. I cannot think of anyone who deserves this award more than she.” - Amy Farris

North High School - Catherine Stathulis

“I hit a rough patch in my life.. and didn’t return back to school, but she sent my mom a age every day I was out, to let me know she cares. She also pushed all her students to be and do their best in school and made everything so each student could thrive in their own way. There is so much more I could say, but overall she is not only an amazing teacher, but an amazing person.” - student

South High School - Lauren Sefton

“She cares about her students and watches to see when they walk through the door who needs some extra encouragement that day. She cares about the whole student: their emotional well-being, their character and their knowledge.” - student

“She cares about her Students. And she wants her students to succeed. She has a kind heart and a great soul.” - student

“She allows us to re-take any assignments or tests as many times as we want if we feel that the grade we received does not reflect our understanding of the material. She will go out of her way to grade it by the next day so that you can retake it again if you are still not happy with your grade.” - student

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