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Countdown to StoryBall Tickets!

We're excited to announce that Storyball tickets go live on our website on August 23! So mark your calendars, make a note in your to do list, set a reminder on your phone, line up a babysitter, and plan to get your tickets early. It's going to be a great night celebrating our educators in Westerville City Schools. We're planning live music and exhibits about our grant recipients and a book raffle and all kinds of fun stuff. You won't want to miss it. It will be a fantastic night celebrating our educators, planning for the wonderful things we want to do in the future, and gathering support for our Foundation. And we need you there for that!

And yes. We are definitely keeping an eye on the situation in the world at-large and we'll modify the event as needed to keep everyone safe, but we are still optimistic we can pull this one off. So mark your calendars. The event is OCTOBER 23 at 7pm at The Point. Look for ticket sales to go live on August 23. I hope you are excited. I know I am.

And after the past year, we all need a bit of fun.

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