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Minority Scholar Student Leaders Train as Peer Tutors and Mentors

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Approximately 50 students from all three Westerville high schools met Friday, September 18 at the Summit Vision Teambuilding facility in Westerville for a full day of training to become Minority Scholar Student Leaders.  The training prepared them for their roles as peer tutors and mentors for the Minority Scholars Program (MSP). 

MSP is a student led initiative that addresses the achievement gap by empowering high school pupils to work collectively to increase the number of under-represented students enrolled in advanced level courses.  Those who accept the challenge to enroll in an Honors or AP class can receive free, staff-supervised peer tutoring.  MSP provides under-represented students with the opportunity to receive peer-to-peer support, encouragement, guidance, and motivation as they realize their academic potential.

Not only will students receive peer tutoring and mentoring, they will have the opportunity to participate in college and career exploration workshops, and professional-led career path conversations. 

Amy Spencer, Director of Academic Resource from Ohio Dominican University conducted the training on “How to be an Effective Peer Tutor.”   In addition, students participated in several team building and leadership activities led by the staff at Summit Vision.

The Minority Scholars Program is funded by the Westerville Education Foundation through a new initiative called “Student Connections.”

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