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Westerville Education Foundation Names Teachers of the Month for December

Friday, December 30, 2016

The Westerville Education Foundation (WEF) named three educators Teacher of the Month for December – Evan McIntyre, Whittier Elementary School; Ty Angle, Wilder Elementary School; and Elizabeth Eddy, Westerville South High School.

Evan McIntyre is described by his multiple nominators as innovative and inclusive.  His dedication to the arts is contagious, and he has provided opportunities for students who may not have previously considered the arts.  “Mr. McIntyre makes sure that all the kids have a part and that every part is important, even if it’s handling the stage design, props, lights, or the sound,” said the nominator.  He emphasizes the importance of teamwork and through different challenges, has helped students improve their problem solving skills.  “Kids need to see problem solving in action and done with a positive attitude.  Mr. McIntyre does this every single day!”

Ty Angle is described by his nominator as an advocate for students with different learning styles and challenges.  “Mr. Angle has inspired our family to look at things differently.  He has shown us that there are alternate way to help our son learn,” the nominator explained.  He has created a safe environment for students with learning challenges and gives them different avenues of expression such as wiggle seats and allowing for quiet breaks when they are distracted.  “Mr. Angle took the time to connect with our son and help our family through a difficult time.  We are now more informed advocates for our son.”  His dedication to his students goes beyond his classroom by putting a plan for future learning in place.  These plans benefit students through their years of learning and provide smoother transitions year after year.

Elizabeth Eddy is described by her nominator as engaging and involved.  She is clear with her expectations and creates a passionate learning environment for her students.  “She presents Chemistry with such a fine mix of old and new strategies that is just incredible.  She engages her class and treats them with so much respect,” says her nominator.  Her involvement outside of the classroom is an example for students to be well rounded and to take learning outside of the classroom.  “The way my son engages in her class teachings and brings home what they have discussed is a daily event.”  Mrs. Eddy’s teaching style sparks students, and instills a passion for education.

The Westerville Education Foundation’s Teacher of the Month Program is sponsored by Education First Credit Union and ThisWeek Community News, with support from Otterbein University.  The Mission of the Westerville Education Foundation is to enrich the learning experience and broaden the minds of our students through the funding and support of innovative educational programs.

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