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Westerville Education Foundation Names Teachers of the Month for February

Friday, February 24, 2017

The Westerville Education Foundation (WEF) named three educators Teacher of the Month for January – Jim Ledford, Alcott Elementary School; Victoria Cook, Blendon Middle School; and Amy Farris, Westerville Central High School.

Jim Ledford is described by his multiple nominators as creative and motivating.  His use of puppets help students learn not only technical skills like the process of the Electoral College, but help children resolve life issues such as bullying.  “More than anything, my child’s confidence seemed to grow immensely while in that classroom,” said one of the nominators.  His second nominator echoed the same remarks, “Mr. Ledford has inspired by child to stretch her comfort zone.”  Through his ability to motivate students and make learning fun, Mr. Ledford helps students break barriers and try new experiences.

Victoria Cook is described by her nominator as determined and extraordinary.  “She makes it her business to make sure every student is passing.  And if a child is struggling, she has excellent communication with the parents and the student to ensure success,” her nominator said.  Mrs. Cook’s enthusiasm and determination is not only an inspiration to her students, but to parents as well.  “Mrs. Cook has inspired me to never give up!  Things you think are impossible are possible!”  The strength and energy of this teachers helps students achieve their full potential.

Amy Farris is described by her nominator as friendly and collaborative.  She is an innovator in the school and creates unique experiences for students and parents.  “She is a top innovator and is always helping others who innovate achieve their vision,” says her nominator.  Ms. Farris makes sure everyone is part of the community and understands that each student and teacher play a role in the success of the Westerville Central community.  “She manages an extremely unmanageable workload and still works one-on-one with kids and staff to help them.  Her helping hand approach rarely gets her any acknowledgement yet she continues to help others.”  Her nominator concludes by saying, “She gives kids who need a home a home, and she inspires them to learn.” 

The Westerville Education Foundation’s Teacher of the Month Program is sponsored by Education First Credit Union and ThisWeek Community News, with support from Otterbein University.  The Mission of the Westerville Education Foundation is to enrich the learning experience and broaden the minds of our students through the funding and support of innovative educational programs.

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