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Wild in Westerville - Golden Butterfly Project makes use of WILD School Sites!

Did you know there are only 13 WILD School Sites in Franklin County and 2 of them are in Westerville?! (North and Huber Ridge) There are only 4 Wild School Sites in Delaware County and Central High School is one of them!

Betsy King's Golden Butterfly project “Fishing Science” takes advantage of the wonderful educational opportunities that the North and Central Land Labs provide to our students that earned these schools WILD School Certifications by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. What an honor and what an opportunity for our students!

Take a look at all three of our outstanding Golden Butterfly Projects today and donate to vote for your favorite.

With this project students will use oxygen probes and fishing techniques to study the water temperature, pH, temperature and organisms they catch in the Land Lab. They will analyze water composition and the relationships of organisms to one another. Students will also have the opportunity to learn fishing skills, safety and culture. King hopes to add an outdoor lab in her class where students can learn the basics of fishing as well as assess the composition of pond water, determine if it is fit for fish to live in and see if fish are living in the water. “I hope students get a chance to get out of the classroom because any chance that we can go outside and do science is good,” King said. “I hope they get the safety piece and being around other people and being aware of how to behave when they are fishing. I hope they get enjoyment in the experience of fishing. A lot of them living in the city don’t get a chance to go fishing.”

For more information on Wild School Sites see the links below:

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