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WEF Board. From left to right: Molly Frizzell, Nick Gurich, Latresa Rieves, Belinda Mortensen, Jessica Diallo, Robin Collins, Greg Ruban, Beth Weinhardt, Cam Piatt. Not pictured: Mike Collins, Larry DeVese, Bob Gibson, Marty Sweterlitsch, Andrea Drago, Coutanya Coombs, Christina Hinton, Greg Viebranz, Kristy Meyer, Rebecca Chesnick, Mark Hershiser.

The mission of the Westerville Education Foundation’s (WEF) is to enrich the learning experience and broaden the minds of our students through the funding and support of innovative educational programs. 
The WEF has been providing grants in support of educators in Westerville City Schools since 1995. We have been working in partnership with the district, business sponsors, other local nonprofits, and individual donors to build a lasting legacy of support for our educators and students. These grants form the foundation of our mission and our legacy in the community. WEF also provides the Westerville City School District Teacher of the Month Award, recognizing outstanding teachers in all of the District’s schools. 

What We Support

Teacher and Student Grants

The WEF supports innovative grants reaching a wide array of subject areas, including literacy, science, physical education, and the arts at all levels - elementary, middle and high school. We release grant applications in two cycles throughout the year, one in the fall and one in the spring, and receive between 50 and 75 applications from educators and students each year. 

In the 2022-2023 school year, WEF supported grants on:

Affirming student voices through middle school podcasting

Peaceful playgrounds

Looking deeper into students’ educational experiences (high school writing project)

Immigrant stories (writing project)

Ohio History Connection field trip

Teaching Jerry Craft’s New Kid  (book project) 

Hanby Elementary School Song written in collaboration with Otterbein music professor

Caring has no age (high school service project)

Using Picture Books to see our true selves

Permanent Sculpture Garden Installation

Ralph Baer (introducing video and electronic game inventor into all elementaries)

Music for all

First Chapter Friday (literacy)

Spike Prine for FLL Teams (lego team competition tools)

Equitable Resources for Adaptive Learning in the Related Arts Classroom

Learn more about the 2022-2023 grants at


Teacher of the Month

We are pleased to provide our community with an opportunity to recognize outstanding teachers in the Westerville City School District through our Teacher of the Month program.​ We choose three recipients each academic month and surprise them with a pack of bundt cakes, a certificate celebrating them as our Teacher of the Month, and $100 for their classroom account. We are thrilled to be able to celebrate our teachers each month! Winners are congratulated on social media and in a press release.


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