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  • Calming Space
    Melia Stock, Kathy Kosinski, Krista Mathews and Laura Miller; Genoa Middle School

    • $500; Create a calming space in the school office that will be dedicated to student wellness.

  • STEM Challenges
    Angie Heath, Gifted Ed Department

    • $612.16; Provide games for enrichment sessions with gifted students.

  • Wellity/Yoga Club
    Bethany Hendricks, Minerva Park Middle School

    • $299.80; Provide yoga mats for a new school yoga club.

  • Mock Grocery Store
    Cass Lawson, Best of Both Worlds

    • $1,653.99; Provide non-perishable food and racks for a mock grocery store to create a job training experience for students before they enter an authentic job coaching environment.

  • Building District and Poetry Slam
    Hailee Cook, Minerva Park Middle School

    • $2,290; Provide resources and materials for building-wide poetry slam at Minerva Park as well as a district-wide event across all five middle schools.

  • Supporting EL Students Through a Family-Oriented English Program
    Heather Sunday, Minerva France Elementary

    • $649.40; Provide materials and workbooks for new weekly after-school practice language sessions with English Learner (EL) students and families.

  • Around the World with Food
    Jennifer Cole, Heritage Middle School

    • $400; Provide food associated with the countries and cultures sixth-grade students learn about in their social studies lessons.

  • African-American Read In
    Lee Rutherford, Blendon Middle School

    • $800; Supports the district’s annual African-American Read-In event.

  • Educational Resources for Emergent Language Learners
    Tina Shirey and Danielle Whitehead; Cherrington Elementary

    • $1,030.98; Provide learning resources to help EL students build and strengthen their language acquisition skills in the classroom.

  • Fully Inclusive Accessible Adapted Playground
    Julie Koontz, Monica Thuman and Sarah Davis; Westerville City Schools’ preschool program

    • $1,011.86; Purchase alternative communication boards for the program’s outdoor and indoor spaces to support exploration and increased ease of access for students with severe speech/language impairments, lack of fine motor control and delays in motor planning. The proposal was fully funded by the Dr. George Tombaugh Fund, which was established in honor of the former Westerville City Schools superintendent as part of the WEF’s competitive grants program. It is dedicated to supporting innovative classroom and instructional initiatives submitted by WCSD educators.

  • Sensory Space
    Heather Scheurer, Mark Twain Elementary

    • $1,400 (partially funded); Create a sensory space at Mark Twain to help students of all ages and all cognitive abilities self-regulate. WEF awarded funding for the sensory equipment.

Specialty Funding

As part of the Golden Butterfly campaign, WEF will help promote the following projects and provide opportunities for community members to donate on the group’s website. WEF will match up to $1,000 of funds raised. 

  • Fossil Garden at Genoa Middle School
    Deb Bergmann, Genoa Middle School
    • ​Goal to raise $3,642.65 to install a fossil garden at Genoa. 

  • Celebrating World Cultures with Music, Movement, and Art
    Jennifer Hall, Robert Frost Elementary

    • Goal to raise $3,600 to provide art supplies and drums for Robert Frost’s second annual World Cultures Night where families and educators come together to share unique aspects of their culture with the greater school community.

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