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2024 Golden Butterfly Projects

As part of the Golden Butterfly campaign, WEF will help promote the following projects and provide opportunities for community members to donate towards these community-focused initiatives. WEF will match up to $1,000 of funds raised for each project. ​​


Genoa Middle School Fossil Garden


With a goal to raise $3,642, Deb Bergman hopes to install the LaFarge Fossil Garden at Genoa Middle School which will make Ohio natural history immediately available to the 700 sixth through eighth graders at Genoa MS and 600 primary grade students at Fouse Elementary School. An authentic paleontology experience will be just a short bus trip away from our district's 15,000 students and accessible to the entire Westerville community.


Celebrating World Cultures with
Music, Movement, and Art

Jennifer Hall at Robert Frost Elementary hopes to raise $3,600 to provide art supplies and drums for Robert Frost’s second annual World Cultures Night where families and educators come together to share unique aspects of their culture with the greater school community.


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