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2024 Golden Butterfly Projects

The Westerville Education Foundation (WEF) is thrilled to announce two projects will be participating in this year’s Golden Butterfly Campaign. The campaign, which will run through the month of February, features two outstanding projects submitted to the WEF by educators during our Fall 2023 Grant Cycle.

Throughout the campaign, the community will "vote" with donations to fund the project of their choosing* - every dollar counts! WEF will match up to $1,000 of funds raised in the campaign for EACH PROJECT!

🦖🦴🍂🪨 Genoa Middle School Fossil Garden 🕰️🔎🌱⚒️🖌️

With a goal to raise $3,642, Deb Bergman hopes to install a large Fossil Garden at Genoa Middle School.

🥁💃🏻🎨🧑🏿‍🎨 Celebrating World Cultures with Music, Movement & Art 👨🏻‍🎨🎼🪘🕺🏼

Jennifer Hall at Robert Frost Elementary hopes to raise $3,600 to provide art supplies and drums for Robert Frost’s second annual World Cultures Night.

*ALL funds donated will go to the project to which they were donated. If an award receives more than it needs for the project, the additional funds will go into the WEF Grant Fund to support future grants.

Learn more about and donate to these projects at

Contact Jessica Diallo ( for more information or to become an official sponsor of the WEF.

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