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Many Voices - A Warm Blanket

"Many voices is like a warm blanket of love that teachers can wrap up in," added Tre Rieves, Elementary Facilitator in the Department of English Learners in Westerville Schools. Tre is part of the team working to bring the Many Voices Project to life for our teachers and students.

The Many Voices: Diverse Classroom Library Project will supply K-12 teachers with books to expand their classroom libraries with the aim of promoting discussions about racial and social diversity and providing students access to books representative of contemporary families and inclusive of culture, history, and diverse perspectives.

Many Voices is a collaboration between the Westerville Education Foundation, Westerville Partners for Education, the Westerville Public Library, and educators in Westerville City Schools. Joining in this "blanket of love" for our teachers and students with their generous financial support for Many Voices are:

- Westerville Sunrise Rotary

- 100+ Women of Westerville

- Westerville Noon Rotary

- neighborhood bridges

- The Lynch Family

- Bobb Woodruff

- and many other individual supporters

This project would not be possible without their support and funding. Please consider donating to support Many Voices and diverse classroom libraries for our students here:

For more information contact Colleen Moidu at

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