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Eleven proposals awarded 2020 Fall Grant from the Westerville Education Foundation

A girls empowerment program, classroom sets of ukuleles, and a community-wide reading initiative focused on books about anti-racism are among the 11 proposals awarded a 2020 Fall Grant from the Westerville Education Foundation (WEF).

The foundation notified the grant recipients last week. The grants, which total $24,667, support innovative and creative projects that enhance education for students in Westerville City Schools. In 2019, the WEF funded more than $46,000 in projects.

The WEF’s 2020 Fall Grant recipients include:

  • Brandi Young, Westerville South High School

$7,800; Purchase of books to support a multi-site initiative focused on anti-racism, combating anti-blackness, and interrogating how the history of racism affects every person in our country

  • Alexander Chapman, Pointview Elementary

$5,698.70; Purchase of musical instruments (30 plastic ukuleles and 40 dr

ums) and the World Music Drumming curriculum

  • Alisha Porter, Robert Frost Elementary

$2,575; Ruling Our Experience (ROX), an evidence-based empowerment program for girls

  • Julie Porretta, Cherrington Elementary

$2,114.14; Purchase of 35 ukuleles, 60 carrying bags, other equipment, and Rainbow Ukulele curriculum

  • Juls Rathje, Genoa and Heritage middle schools

$1,400; Program participation costs to pair local students with students in Cameroon, promoting intercultural understanding and kindness among seventh-grade students

  • Kim Mollohan, Westerville North High School

$1,300; Registration fees for a virtual conference for International Thespian Society (ITS) Troupe 3156

  • Karol Hanley, Fouse Elementary

$995; Purchase of Generation Genius online curriculum which provides engaging videos, discussion questions, activities and assessments

  • Carol Louden, Natalie Hostetler, Amanda Matchack and Jude Strain, Mark Twain Elementary

$834.58; Hands-on learning materials and lessons for various reading levels

  • Christian Potter, Addie Schmitt and others, Westerville North High School

$750; Purchases related to Senior-Directed One Acts (SD1A), materials, licenses, royalty fees, scripts, etc.

  • Jennifer Stoycheff, Annehurst Elementary

$700; Materials to create a permanent outdoor art installation project called the KindnessKidness Rock Garden

  • Jason Fullen, McVay Elementary

$500; Equipment and software purchases needed to create a student media team to engage students in the development and production of school-based media

Congratulations to all our grant winners! Check our website in the spring for information on the spring grant cycle. Special thank you to our sponsors and donors in 2020. Your support of our mission makes these grants possible!

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